What Counts as a View? YouTube vs. Facebook/Instagram

I have been promoting a new skiing video ad I created on both YouTube and Facebook. So far my results have been much better with the latter. I have had more clicks, likes, and views there.

Facebook (and Instagram, where the video also appears) is much more liberal when it comes to counting views. My video there will auto-play when it appears in a users feed, and only needs to play for 3 seconds to get the view counter to trigger. On YouTube I’m running a preroll ad that can be skipped after 5 seconds. It must play for about 30 seconds for the view to count.

My goal with the campaign is clicks through to my website. For that, Facebook has performed significantly better. I would credit the nice “call to action” button that is placed at the bottom of my video ad for this. YouTube doesn’t really have that, with only a small link or banner appearing on top of the video after a few seconds of play time. Facebook has given me about 10 times the number of clicks.

I will likely continue the campaign on Facebook, and pause it on YouTube.

Adamson Chiropractic – Vernon



I agreed to build this website while negotiating a rental in the Okanagan – a difficult area to find a good suite. The hideous domain was NOT my choice and I don’t go to the chiropractor. Despite my apprehensions, I kept my word and did the job. The website was built with WordPress and I think it turned out well. Our deal did not. It took me a lot more time and effort than I would normally put in for what I essentially was paid. Not only that, but Bruce evicted me from the suite for personal reasons only a few months later. So I lost that, too. My advice: work for money and don’t barter your Internet skills for less than what they’re worth.

Flying a “Drone” in Canada

I guess all those hours of playing video games actually -did- amount to something. I recently picked up an unmanned aerial vehicle (aka “Drone”) and flying it has come naturally to me. The controller for it is quite similar to that of a modern XBox console. It’s amazing how responsive it is.

There are plenty of “Drone” haters around here. They’re going to have to get use to it. Drones and UAVs should have a future in the transport industry, and are already making a substantial impact on videography. I hear the military find them to be quite useful as well.

Obviously it was difficult for me to justify investing $1000 in what many consider a toy. Honestly, I’m not sure how much practical use I’ll get out of it. I like where this technology is going though. Spending time and money is my way of supporting it.