Adamson Chiropractic – Vernon


I agreed to build this website while negotiating a rental in the Okanagan – a difficult area to find a good suite. The hideous domain was NOT my choice and I don’t go to the chiropractor. Despite my apprehensions, I kept my word and did the job. The website was built with WordPress and I think it turned out well. Our deal did not. It took me a lot more time and effort than I would normally put in for what I essentially was paid. Not only that, but Bruce evicted me from the suite for personal reasons only a few months later. So I lost that, too. My advice: work for money and don’t barter your Internet skills for less than what they’re worth.

Real Cash Bonus


Promoting online casinos to a worldwide audience is nearly impossible these days. Some of the best options for gamblers are restricted in certain countries. uses geo-targeting technology. This detects the country of each visitor, and then displays content and ads for casinos that they can play at. There are currently versions of this website for Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and several others.

Canada Spring


Buying suspension parts for a vehicle usually requires some expert advice. Most buyers are familiar with the year, make and model of their car or truck, but not any of its parts or their associated numbers. Due to this complication, a generic eCommerce solution was not ideal for selling Canada Spring’s inventory online. I needed to create a custom database which connects the appropriate parts the vehicles that they are applicable for. This allows the average customer to quickly find and order exactly what they need.