BC Ski Resort Guide Relaunch


Last year the west coast of Canada had its worst snow year since the 1970s. Unfortunately that is where I was living, and as a skier it was extremely hard to endure. Eventually I decided to hit the road for a few weeks to search for decent ski conditions in the BC interior.

Though I had not updated the website in several years, I found shredbc.com very useful for planning my trip. I constantly looked at its resort guide and weather updates to find the way. Its listing of lift ticket and hotel room discounts were also quite handy while traveling to BC ski areas that I had not been to before.

At the start of the current winter I spent a few weeks to update Shred BC. My vision was to make it useful to anyone planning a road trip similar to mine. I brought the website up-to-date, and created a mobile version that’s easy to browse in the small screen of a phone. I also added a social feed that will hopefully encourage some visitor interaction.

If you’re planning a vacation to the ski resorts of BC, check out the new shredbc.com and watch the highlights of my trip below:

Skiing in British Columbia – Winter 2015 from dannyp on Vimeo.

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