Real Cash Bonus


Promoting online casinos to a worldwide audience is nearly impossible these days. Some of the best options for gamblers are restricted in certain countries. uses geo-targeting technology. This detects the country of each visitor, and then displays content and ads for casinos that they can play at. There are currently versions of this website for Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and several others.

Need for Speed: How to Become a Faster Web Developer

how to be fast

To be a successful web developer you must be fast on the computer. Either that, or, you must have the money and resources to hire people who are. Persistence is certainly important, but if you aren’t quick and efficient, frustration is inevitable. You must be good at using your mouse and keyboard if you want to keep up with the pros. In this post I’ll give you a few very basic tips to on how to speed up your web development game. Continue reading

5 Things to Expect when Buying Google Ads


Are you thinking about advertising your website or business with Google? Be prepared for the following..

1) YOUR CARD WILL BE CHARGED. It does not matter if you have a $100 credit, $10,000 credit, or $1,000,000 credit. It doesn’t matter if your balance is $50, and your account specifically says you will not be billed until you have spent at least $750. They will charge your card.

2) If and when you run into a problem, it is a technical glitch. Continue reading